Saturday, September 1, 2007


"I said No Dad!"

We recently went swimming with Jill's friends, Maren and Ryan, and their little girl, Lexie, who is 1 week older than Japheth. It was a lot of fun and really cute to see. Japheth did a really good job and seemed to like it. Douglas donked him a few times and Japheth didn't cry once. There weren't too many smiles from the mellow one, but he was relaxed and had a lot of fun. He did end up getting a bit cold, but we warmed him up well after with lots of clothes and cuddles.

5 Month Pictures

This is what you don't see when we're taking pictures of him!

Japheth likes to make lots of noise now, he sounds like he might be getting close to saying mom or ma-ma. He can sit on his own, though he still needs help to get there in the first place. And we've been working with him on staying on all fours. He notices more and more around him everyday, and even becomes distraced at everything when eating. His newest thing is to suck on his tongue, or his bottom lip so it disappears, it's pretty cute. We will be doing the helmet, which he just got fitted for the other day.