Monday, June 13, 2011

A Day Off During a Busy Time

First off I should blog about Japheth graduating pre-school.  He had such a blast going to school, and he learned a lot.  It's still sinking in for him that school is over, but so far he's doing well with it.  The day his teacher set for graduation Japheth was so excited and couldn't wait to go to graduation.  When we got there he said, "That's a party for me!"  He felt special all day, and it was really fun to see.  We probably won't be starting Kindergarten early, but find other things to help him grow and learn.
With Japheth graduating, Douglas in his last semester, and getting really close to taking the M-CAT it's felt pretty busy in our family.  So what happens when you get an entire afternoon to yourself?!  Besides feeling relaxed and getting to listen to some good music (without having to skip songs that aren't appropriate for kids!)?  I got a bunch of pictures from my long queue touched up and sorted into their final resting files on the hard drive, plus finally had the time, space, and kid free environment to get a this project done!  If you can't tell it was a good afternoon!  (Idea and intructions for the project came from:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2 Years old

Xander turned 2 at the end of May.  He had a blast with all the attention and fun.  We went to a park for his party and let the kids play.  Then we had cupcakes and opened presents, followed by going to a little wading stream to float some little rubber ducks.  Everyone had a great time, and all the other kids around us were looking jeaslously at our ducks.  Thanks to everyone who could come, and for the fun presents.  Xander has been having a blast playing with all the presents he has gotten from friends and family!  I think his favorite part of birthdays this year (anyone's birthday) is singing "Happy Birthday!"  There has been many a night since the birthday festivities began that he has sung himself to sleep with "Happy Birthday."  It usually sounds like happy to you Yander, he'll have to get the hang of the Z sound.

He is doing great and constantly learning new words.  He still loves to play with balls and read books.  He loves watching Curious George and meowing like a cat (just like his big brother).  He is 32 1/5 inches tall and weighs 24lbs 3oz.  He continues to grow like a weed, and be as cute as is possible.  I would like to state that taking his pictures this time was very frustrating since he was a bit of a punk and refused/had no interest in looking at me or the camera.