Friday, October 31, 2014

Autumn in NY

I love Frank Sinatra music. And since we were actually there in the Fall I thought it would be a perfect title.
Douglas finally got done with some of his harder rotations in 3rd year, and we thought we'd take a little trip. Then we found out that he had the Friday off the weekend we were planning on going, so BONUS! 3 day weekend in NY. The original plan was to see Sleepy Hollow, where Washington Irving lived and is buried, and the setting for his famous story. We thought it was a great "Halloween-ish" activity to do. And with the extra day, and Sleepy Hollow being only 30 min from NYC we decided to show the boys the Statue of Liberty as well.

Ichabod running from the Headless Horseman with his last victim
Rip Van Winkle still asleep
Washington Irving's grave
We had a great time, even though it rained most of Friday. And the boys were pretty excited to see the statue in real life instead of just on their puzzle map. We didn't see the actual headless horseman, but we did see the grave yard he was suppose to rise from each night to find his head.
And as for Halloween? Well, we went Asian this year...
A ninja, Pikachu, takeout and chopsticks

Monday, September 22, 2014

Year in Reveiw

Hey sorry I've super slacked at posting on this the last year. But here's a bunch of pictures to catch you up a little.
Cutting down our own tree

Ice storm, Christmas, Dog sled ride

Field trip fun

Pre-school graduation
Trip to Quebec City

Hot air balloon festival

Day trip to Maine

Both kids start school