Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Dino-mite Time!

So we had Japheth's friend party this last Saturday. We were sad that not everyone could come, but had a fun time anyway. We played "pin the tail" on the dinosaur, chopped the head off of the dinosaur pinata, and ate dinosaurs that were dipped in "mud." It was nice to make a chocolate frosting that Japheth could have since he won't have chocolate much in his life. We're pretty sure that he's lactose intolerant. Japheth was so excited about turning 3 and having a dinosaur party. He told as many strangers about it as possible. He loves all his presents, thanks everybody.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3 Years and 9 Months

So it's getting to be birthday season at our house. Japheth will turn 3 on the 12th and Douglas will be 29 on the 18th. Since Xander's 9 month appointment was somewhat close to March we decided to only go into the Dr. once for both check-ups. A week or so late for Xander and a week or so early for Japheth.

Japheth is a very cute ball of high energy. He loves letters and numbers as much as ever. Since he's been able to count pretty high, can recognize numbers into the 20's and beyond, recognizes ABC's in capitol and lower case; we've moved on to spelling and math. He loves to spell with Word World, and types many words on the computer. At the store we were looking at movies and Japheth passed all familiar characters to promptly say "I want this one!" to LeapFrog's Math Circus. He's not very familiar with anything Leap Frog, but as soon as it was over the first time he immediately said "Again!" He is such a handful of a wonderfully good boy. But yes it finally happened... Japheth tried to change his own diaper. At naps and bedtime he's not in underwear yet and after a nap he got out the wipes and attempted to use them all! Luckily I wasn't home, and Douglas had to deal with it. He is 36 1/2inches tall and weighs 28lbs. He's actually in the 25% now, so he's a lot taller since he used to be around 10-15%.

Xander is also doing great! He army-crawls and bunny-hops all over the place, getting into as many of Japheth's toys as possible. Yep that's right, having big brother's toys was the motivation to get Xander moving. He still has only the four teeth thankfully. He loves to cuddle and play and is full of smiles. He rocks back and forth playfully and expects you to do it back. He's growing like a weed, and sometimes with how much food he wants I think he'll surpass Japheth any day, but know it'll be a long while before that happens. He is 27inches tall and weighs 16lbs 14oz, which means he lost a few ounces from his last appointment.