Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Card

Color photo's credit RCP
With how many Christmas cards we want to send out and how much it would cost for me to print them in good quality (my standard of quality) and send them out we decided it was a bit too expensive this year. In most years we'd bite the bullet and do it anyway, but we have no idea how many med schools will want to interview Douglas and how much it will cost for us to get him out for each one. So my solution? Put up my hard worked on card on the blog. That way everyone can see it, and we can save up for interviews. I know it's just not the same, and I admit I'm a bit sad about it, but we must adjust to the situation. I am glad that in this day there is a way for me to still be able to "get the card sent" to everyone (assuming you all decide to check it). Merry Christmas everyone!