Thursday, November 15, 2012


One Saturday we decided to drive on over to Salem and learn a bit more about the Witch Trials. Being close to Halloween we thought it very appropriate. And we had a lot of fun too!
Big old sailing ship in the harbor
Captain Japheth
Captian Xander
Saw a live statue
Met Frankenstien
Also in October...
Grama came back for a very short visit...
...and we got lost in a corn maze
We enjoyed the colors and landscape
We also enjoyed the colors in our back yard
And of course I had to add in one more of these...
And we had a nice rainbow for Dada's special day

Picture Dump

Soooo... here are a bunch of pictures I should have put up a long time ago. They range from mid-July to October (obviously not including Halloween- which I still need to get off my camera and on my computer). This is technecally a 2-parter, this post and the next (or one right above featuring Salem). I figured there was enough picts of just Salem to warrent it's own post, and even if there weren't there are too many of all the picts to really keep it in one post. Enjoy!
Playing at the beach
Ferry across the lake
Showing Grama the lake
Flirting at the ward party
Scenic Drive
Playing at the Joseph Smith Memorial
Getting a welcome flower at our 1st assembly
Apple picking
Fun with friends at the farm
Meeting the animals
Milking a cow
1st field trip
Participating in the school dance assembly