Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Slight Change of Career

Well, we just found out the very good news that Douglas has been accepted into the Cardiac Ultrasound Program, and that they have a good clinical site in the valley for him to do his student hours. It's nice to finally know for sure, and that he won't have to go far for student hours. I know he'll do just as well with Cardiac as he is doing with X-ray. He'll start the program this Fall, which means no space between X-ray and Cardiac. But it also means he'll be done that much sooner. The program will run through Fall of 09, so he'll graduate in Dec. 09.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Birthdays Galore!

Hey everyone. Sorry it took so long, but it's been a very busy month. Between 2 birthdays and helping Douglas with school and other misc. stuff, like Jenn and Neil coming out to visit, it's been hard to get to the blog. At Japheth's 1 year check-up he weighed 18 lbs and was 28 inches tall. He's been walking for a while, and has gotten to the point that he wants to walk more than crawl. It's a lot of fun to see some one so small walking around. He's not running yet, but occationally tries to go a little faster with the result of getting to know the ground a little better. His 6th tooth has finally popped through, we've waited about 2 months, and he's been more fussy with this one than with the others. But I think it's one of k-9s intead of the one right next to the 2 front tops, and I've heard kids are more fussy with those.

Douglas and Japheth both had great birthdays! Douglas got mostly things to help him with workouts, and we left Japheth at home with Grandma and Grandpa Tanner and went out to a nice dinner. Douglas is trying to get all of his homework for the semester done a bit early so he can start on the summer semester. His goal is to take his Boards early, and to do so he has to be done with all student hours, which he pretty much is, and be signed up for his last semester and have half the tests done, which also means a lot of studying. But I'm sure he'll do great!

Japheth got a lot of clothes and toys. Douglas and I got him a little wagon to put all his toys in. Sometimes he get's a bit frustrated if the pull handle isn't were he would like. He had fun at his party, which was construction themed, but was a bit shy since there were a lot of people there all staring at him. When it came time for cake, well let's just say it wasn't like most 1st birthdays. Just to give some background- he doesn't like bread! So we were very curious to see if he would like cake since they're very similar textures. Well, see for yourself.