Sunday, February 17, 2008

11 Months

Well we're getting close to 1 year! It's wierd, it doesn't really feel that long, yet it seems like we've always had him. Japheth can stand really well on his own now, and with the aid of any object, can get up on his own. He's still not walking yet, but has taken a VERY small step here or there by himself. He has 5 teeth and is working on his 6th. He gets excited about seeing other little kids, and very excited when daddy gets home from work. He also likes to pucker his lips a lot, like a little duck. It's really cute, especially when he talks at the same time (no he's not saying real words yet).

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Things I Love About Jill (for Valentine's)

In no particular order
1. Her laughter.
2. Her surprises.
3.The kind of mother she is with rules, guidance, patience, and love.
4. That she makes me play video games when I've had a bad day.
5. How beautiful she is.
6. Her gentle nature.
7. How the corners of her mouth curl up when she smiles and talks at the same time.
8. The way she's probably getting embarrased reading this, (and now I'm in trouble for mentioning it).
9. Her photography.
10. That she's not as dramatic as other women.
11. Her long, thick hair, especially when she decides to get creative with it.
12. Her love for Japheth and I.

I love you so much Jill. Life wouldn't be very fulfilling without you in it!