Sunday, July 26, 2009

Xander 2 Months

So we had Xander's 2 month check up this week. He's doing very well! He weighed 12 lbs 11 oz and was 22 1/2 inches tall. So he's gained 4 lbs 7 oz and an inch since he was born. He's sleeping longer through the night, and hopefully will be sleeping the whole night soon. He's doing well with tummy time, and is starting to coo, smile and look at people more.

Japheth still loves his little brother, sometimes a little too much. He is getting better with letters, he's starting to recognize some of the lower case letters. He's also continuing to say more words, and some previuos words are becoming more understandable. He loves to brush his teeth and floss. There are even times when he gets in trouble for getting into the floss on his own.

Douglas is getting closer to being done with school. He has finished all his tests and assignments for Summer semester, so we only have one to go. Though it still feels forever away because of student hours. I'm better adjusted to 2 kids now, though some days are still tough. But I think that's how it'll always be now that there's more than 1.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Careful What You Say

So Japheth is at that fun stage where he repeats everything he hears. He'll repeat the last word of a sentence while Douglas and I are talking to each other, he's even called Douglas "Babe" because he's heard me say it. It can be really cute at times, but other times it can be a bad thing. There are even a few words we're trying to get him to change in his vocabulary (like saying "yes" instead of the "sure" he's picked up from Douglas). Because of this stage we have some really funny experiences. Like what happened today...

While we were out driving we ended up being stuck in traffic behind another driver who was texting on their cell phone. We found ourselves getting frustrated as we were repeatedly stuck behind them and stopped while the cars in front of them were moving. After a while we were finally able to escape their distracted driving and get around them. Moments later we found ourselves next to them at a light and as the light changed they again didn't move. So as we drove past them I yelled out "pay attention!" in hopes of saving other drivers from our experience. And since Japheth is in this fun stage he decided he needed to copy mommy and yell out too, much to our surprise he yelled "pay a chicken!"