Monday, December 7, 2009

6 Months Old & More

Xander turned 6 months on Thanksgiving. Which was relaxed and fun this year. But he didn't have his check-up until last week. Everything is looking good. He's about 25 inches tall and 16ish? lbs. He loves to talk and eat his toys. He laughs a lot at Japheth and always has a big smile for him until Japheth hurts him. He can sit up and roll over and has been having fun playing with the Christmas tree.

Japheth still loves playing with his little brother, but like all kids, shows too much love sometimes. He's started potty training - which at first sucked big time - but now isn't so bad. He's getting the hang of it a little, and is better at going up with us every hour which cuts down the wet pants a ton!

Douglas is officially done with everything for his Bachelors. He graduates this Friday (11th) and it's very exciting to feel done. He still needs to take his national boards, but technically has 3 years to do so I think. He has applied to a few Echo jobs and we're waiting to hear back.

We also made ginger bread houses for fun. Japheth loved getting to eat his. And as you can see Douglas got fancy on me by making his with a peaked roof.