Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Recent trip to the park
So a lot has happened since my last post, so lets get right to it! First off Douglas got A's in both of his summer classes. He just started the fall semester and is taking 3 classes. He is working really hard to get all his homework done on time and understand it, while working and still being a part of our family. He's doing a really good job of it to. Thanks babe!
Next off is the computers. We ended up getting the malware virus on both computers, but after much work and running at least 5 programs, it looks like we were able to get the virus off without wiping the hard drives. We still have some wierd pop-ups and re-directs on the internet that we didn't have before, so we are still looking into getting Windows 7 sometime soon-ish.
I love that he looks like nothing is holding him on in the middle picture
And finally what you've all been waiting for. . . the boys. Xander is doing really well. He's 15 months now and is as cute as ever. He is 29 inches tall and weighs 20 lbs 14 oz. He loves to talk and read and play. He walks like he's been doing it forever, though he took a spill in the mountains the other day. He couldn't keep his balance while walking the small, steep slope between path and dirt. He loves to do whatever Japheth is doing, and always wants to be a part of everything. He can say ball, book (same sound, but he knows the difference), mama, dada, up, he doesn't say dog, but he makes the same sound everytime he sees one; it sounds like woofing. He signs please, more, and milk. Japheth just gets smarter everyday. He's about 3 1/2 years-old. He looks so tall lately, and I just keep wondering what happened to my little man? (Though I know he's still little). He will start pre-school right after Labor Day. I know - "say what?!" The wierdness has just started setting in for me. I'm sad because I thought being close to some schools I'd get to walk him to pre-school. But they want too much for it, and Grama Tanner's neighbor is starting up her pre-school again for a steal of a deal. So I'm going to have to come to terms with driving him instead. It'll be wierd to have him gone for so long so often. I guess it'll be good time for me to try some things out that I've been wanting to do for a while.
Becoming a swing expert