Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dino in the Pumpkin Patch

The green pumpkin!

Happy Halloween! This was our trip to the local pumpkin patch. Japheth had fun looking at all the pumpkins. Douglas got a 44 lb pumpkin that's bigger than Japheth, mine was much more normal sized. We all had a great time.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

In response to Danielle's Tag

Thanks a lot!

8 Things I (Jill) am passionate about:

1 My husband

2 My little boy

3 Taking pictures (not scrapbooking!)

4 Friends

5 Reading good books with Douglas/Spending time together

6 The gospel

7 Good food

8 Having fun

8 Things I want to do before I die:

1 See more of the world

2 Move into a house

3 Loose more weight

4 Read more good books with Douglas

5 Finish "Milkbeard the Pirate," illustrate, and make into a book for my kids (not necessarily publish it)

6 Have more kids

7 Go on a mission with Douglas

8 Have fun times with my family

8 Books I have read recently:

1 Wheel of Time #4 (Currently on book 5)

2 Wheel of Time #3

3 Wheel of Time #2

4 Harry Potter #7

5 Wheel of Time #1 (this was a filler while waiting for Potter, but got us going on the series!)

6 The Hobbit

7 Harry Potter #6

8 Bram Stoker's Dracula

8 Things I often say:

1 All done!

2 Let's clean up

3 Love you

4 I miss you

5 Come home soon!

6 No!

7 Let go!

8 Thank you

8 Things that attract me to friends:

1 Fun personality

2 Easy to hang out with (don't feel like we have to "entertain" them all the time)

3 Similar interests/priorities

4 Comfortable with who they are

5 As interested in the friendship as we are

6 Get along well with me and Douglas

7 Honest

8 Accept others as they are

8 Songs and Albums I could listen to over and over again:

1 Black-eyed Peas - various

2 Maroon 5 - various

3 Love Shack

4 Greenday - various

5 Anything Cake

6 Glycerine

7 Collective Soul - Best of

8 Barenaked Ladies - Stunt

8 Things I learned this year:

1 How cute Japheth is even when he's a punk!

2 What a great father Douglas is

3 More patience

4 Teaching primary is much harder with a kid

5 Weekends don't feel like weekends if you both don't have it off

6 That mother's day and father's day is more fun with a kid

7 That Danielle is a punk for tagging me

8 How to make a dinosaur costume

8 Random things about me:

1 I really don't like talking on the phone

2 I have yet to break a bone

3 I don't like sea-food

4 It's my goal to scrapbook at least the 1st yr. of each of my kids

5 I've only had 3 perms in my life, hated 2 and was okay with 1

6 Halloween is my favorite holiday

7 I like making desserts best, and eating them too

8 I'm a huge James Bond fan

8 People I tag: (I know most of you don't have a blog, but you do have email)

1 Bryan

2 Kristy Rasmussen

3 Maren

4 Becky Boo

5 Janna Banana

6 Brother Eric

7 Faldmo

8 Kate Handley

Sunday, October 14, 2007

7 Month Photos

I know it's harder too see on a small picture, but you can see his teeth in this one.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

6 MonthsOld

Well, Japheth is six months (I know I'm late, and now he's 7 months in a few days). He got his first 2 teeth, middle bottom. He was pretty fussy for a few days, especially at bedtime. But now he's doing great and having as much fun as before, though he's still very drooly. He is growing so big! At his 6 month check-up he was about 25 1/2 inches tall and 15 lbs. 10 oz. His helmet is helping a lot, after just a few weeks we can already see a difference. So hopefully it'll be off soon. Before the helmet we thought his head looked big, but now when we take the helmet off his head looks much smaller. He can scoot around a little, when he's on all fours he can go backwards, this makes him very mad because then he's farther away from the toy he was trying to get.
Douglas and I are doing well. We're both back into the full swing of things. Douglas is at the hospital about 50 hours a week; to get student hours (free) done and he works (paid) part-time. It can get hard sometimes, especially since his schedual is so random. But it really helps that he can do most of his homework at the hospital and he only goes up to school 1 time a week. He's now in his last year for x-ray, but I think we're all ready for him to be done.