Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day of K for J

Japheth started Kindergarten today.  He has been very excited for quite some time.  When he turned 5 he immediately asked "Do I get to go to school on Monday?"  When the answer was no he responded "But I'm 5 now!"  So it's been a long wait for school.  The past few days he's continued to be excited, but has also been feeling a bit nervous.  I admit I've been feeling a little nervous too.  Not for him to go, but how much he'll be able to learn and be pushed in his brainy-ness.  He reads chapter books, can count forward and backward, writes, does simple math (and is somewhat starting to learn about multiplication), he loves puzzles and does 300 pieces by himself, and helps Douglas and I with 500 pieces.  I just keep thinking how is he going to be challenged this year? 

I also wonder how it will be with only one kid for most of the day?  What are Xander and I going to do without him?  (Kindergarten is all day here)  But I know in the end we'll adjust and get it all figured out, though I do think Xander will have a hard time without his play buddy.  It's definately a new experience for us all.
All in all the first day went pretty well.  Japheth had a super fun time and can't wait to go back.  Xander is still very sad that he doesn't get to go, and is a bit jealous that Japheth came home with a sticker and he didn't have one (we made sure to take some picts with Xander in them so he wouldn't feel so left out.)  But he did better today than I thought he would, here's hoping he keeps doing well.  And as for me?  Well, I managed not to cry until lunch time, when it was more obvious we were missing some one.  I've felt rather incomplete today with half our family gone, but I know in time it will feel normal and I'll really get to enjoy the one on one time with Xander.