Sunday, August 31, 2008

5 Years

Sorry it's been so long. With everything that has been happening lately (family in town, moving in, trying to paint and fix up, Douglas starting school again) the blog hasn't exactly been at the top of the list. Everything has been going well though. The painting is coming very slowly right now, but it'll all get done eventually, and hopefully look good. Douglas is excited to now be in school for Cardiac Ultrasound, but isn't excited about the homework. His schedual at work has been a bit crazy lately because of others taking time off, and the time he took off for our 5th anniversary. I know! Can you believe it? So hopefully this next month will be a bit less crazy.

We had a lot of fun for our anniversary. Douglas and I went to the Hotel Park City for a night, and then had our friends bring Japheth with them and we all spent the night at the Handley cabin. It was a lot of fun, and Japheth had a great first time at the cabin.

Japheth is doing really well. He loves to play and get into EVERYTHING! He has his 1 1/2 yr check-up next week, so we'll post more then. He enjoys reading his books, and some he has enjoyed a bit too much. Goodnight Moon is in, I think, 5 pieces right now. He says "dada" a lot more now, and sometimes prefers it to signing dada. He signs a lot, his favorite is airplane, which comes with a sound effect. When we're out crossing he'll sign it over and over as if I can make them fly over us. Though he does get to see quite a few since we're under some routs.