Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Xander at 4

Finally. At least according to him. He has had a hard time waiting for his birthday to come after what seems like a month of birthday in March. So before we get to the fun stuff let's get the boring out of the way. He seems so much bigger some days, and it's really uncool of him to keep growing and not stay my little guy. He is 38 inches tall and weighs 33.6 lbs. Unfortunately for him it's put him in the same percentage of height as Japheth. We still hold out hope that they'll both loose my short genes and be taller one day. But I also hope to be taller than them at least through 3rd grade.
As for the more fun stuff it's hard to know where to start. Xander is a rambunctious little boy. He loves food, animals, balls and cars (both real and pretend!) He is always pretending to make food or asking when the next meal is. And he's usually pretending to be a cat or a dog. He likes to play with his best friend Japheth and to go to playgroup and play with all his other friends. The one thing he doesn't like though is being alone. This kid hates it! Enough so that if everyone finishes eating before him (and I really mean when, because he is one of the slowest eaters on the planet) he wants to be done eating too so he can be with everyine else. He cracks us all up; he always comes up with the funniest thought or story.

For his 4th birthday he wanted a dog party. I needed a bit more than that to go on, so we looked at different dogs and settled on a 101 Dalmatian party. He loved it and so did all his friends! Instead of party hats they wore dog ears, and we painted dog noses. They loved having doggy training (somewhat like Simon Says but just telling them to do things like: sit, roll over and chase a pretend cat).
Of course we had pin the tail on the dog, and a dog pinata.
Followed by eating what dogs like best, a bone! ...cake.