Saturday, October 15, 2011

Small Project

Look out flour & sugar, you're about to get classy!
A few years ago I saw some cool storage containers for flour and sugar, but we didn't have the space for it.  (In fact this is the first time I've bought flour or sugar in such large bags.)  When we finally did I couldn't find the containers anywhere.  Well I finally found what I was looking for and for a reasonable price.  The containers make storing and getting into my big storage of flour and sugar sooooooooo!!! much easier!  (Love the hinged lid!)
But why stop here when it can be much less boring?!  If I had a cricut or something I would have cut out some vinyl, but I don't so I didn't.  Thanks to some scrapbook paper and clear contact paper it was easy, looks good and should hold up.  So glad I thought of contact paper before modgepodging it on!