Friday, May 9, 2008


Hey everyone! Just thought I'd give you all an update. Douglas took his Boards on Tuesday, the 6th. Which means he got the necessary homework and things done. To pass you need at least 75% and Douglas got well above that. So now we just have to wait for them to send us the info, 1-4 weeks, then we can purchase his licence and he'll be a full tech! Also we just found out that Douglas got all A's for Spring Semester! Yea!

Also Japheth is doing well, he and Douglas got sick for a few days last week, but both recovered well. During that time Japheth seemed more fussy than just his being sick, and as he got better the fussiness didn't, then we discovered that he is getting a molar! His teeth coming in have started to skip around. He still only has 2 on the bottom, his 2 front top, 1 of the ones next to the front top, 1 k-9 on the opposite side, and the molar is in the second place, not the first. So it'll be interesting to see which comes next!

Japheth has also learned to kiss, very open mouthed! And has started to kiss Douglas and I at random times, before it was only when we asked. He has also kissed some random little kids. It's very cute. He loves to play, walk, sqeel and yell. Sometimes when we're out crossing he yells at the kids as they pass. It's not angry yelling or sqeeling, he just likes to be loud sometimes. He is doing well with some signing. He says please, more, daddy, mommy, and milk. Though sometimes he get's a little confused at which one to say, we're still working on saying words out loud.