Monday, April 25, 2011

New High Score!

This morning Douglas and I played Ticket to Ride Europe before he got to studying for his O-Chem final.  We decided to play an expansion version of the game called Big Cities.  Now it looks like Green (or me) lost to Red (Douglas), but not so people, not so!  Douglas got a respectable score of 122.  He had 2 really long trains in his run- 1 set was 21 points, and the other 15 points, and that didn't include his destination ticket points or the rest of his train (plus he usually gets the 10 extra points for longest train, which he did this game); so, looking at what he might be getting point-wise, I decided to keep picking up destination tickets to try and compansate for a big score on his end.  At the end of the game I ended up with 16 destination tickets, and the points from that alone got me 146 points!  I had 7 trains left when Douglas ran out of his trains, and my grand-total?  Dat-dat-da-dah. . . 212!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hat Success!

Back in college I somewhat tried crocheting.  I tried to make my sister a fun scarf, thinking it would be easy.  Much to my dismay I failed said attempt and thought that it just wasn't my thing.  Then a few weeks ago we were hanging with some friends; while the men got to playing Halo, my friend Liz was brave enough to get me to have another go.  Come to find out that my biggest problem with the scarf was the yarn I chose, while fuzzy, soft and fun, not the easiest one to see your stitches.  So we planned another hang out with the plan to have lesson 2 while the hubands played Halo again.  Luckily most of what I learned in college had come back to me in lesson 1 and so for lesson 2 I decided to make something.  And... after attempt 1 at a hat that felt too loose for what I was going for, I had success at making something cute!  And with a little ribbon hat 1 will be a present for my niece.  So that makes 2 successful hats that are cute!  And all with only buying one thing of yarn.  Thanks Liz!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dad Update

 Dad was moved out of ICU Saturday morning, and has been doing well.  He takes a walk around his floor a few times per day.  He had some tubes taken out before we saw him Sunday, but he was still hooked up to the Sci-fi machine; and I think they took some more tubes out later that day, or Monday.  He can go home sometime between today and Friday.  They are waiting to talk to a Doctor to make sure everythings on the up and up, and to discuss home options, etc. before they decide when to go home.  I think my mom is hoping that they get to go home today for their anniversary.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dad's Surgery

Looking out the window with Xander before surgery.

Trying to see the cars before surgery.
Everything went well with dad's surgery.  He did have a triple by-pass, his artery was 90% blocked and it was right before the artery branches off (refered to as the 'widow maker' since it effects your entire heart instead of just part of it, and pretty much no one lives after having a heart-attack from that spot).  He had an extra branch off which is why it ended up as a triple by-pass instead of a double.  Of course that's not where the oddities end with dad; his artery played hide and seek with the doctor, which is part of why the surgery took longer than normal.  Most of the time you find it laying on top of the heart, but dad's was actually embeded in his heart muscle.

But everything went successfully, and he is doing well.  He is currently in the ICU, but should be moved out some time today or tomorrow.  He works on flexing his legs and sometimes sitting forward in his chair to switch things up.  He still has plenty of tubes coming out of him, though some tubes were taken out before the pictures I took; and he is hooked up to sci-fi looking/sounding machine (helps take out extra fluid and possibly maintain the right pressure for his lungs).  He wanted me to thank everyone for their concern and prayers, and also to say "I shouldn't have joined this gym!"  Funny as always.
Blows into this to help prevent pneumonia.

His boiling Sci-fi machine, you can't see the bubbles very well.