Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Fun

We went up to Oktoberfest with my family in September.  Food, fun, dancing and more; needless to say we had a great time.  We were able to to jump on the bungee trampolines, I was a little worried that Japheth would get scared after getting hooked up, but he had a blast!  You wouldn't think it'd take so much energy, but it was a pretty good workout for such a short time.  They invited the kids up on stage for the chicken dance.  Japheth thought it was really fun, even though he didn't know the dance.  He spent the first 30 seconds just staring at the drummer playing his set.  Between cousins, grandparents, and all that fun both boys were thoroughly tired out! 

We also went up to the Handley cabin a couple times. The boys couldn't get enough of dirt, rocks and watching things they threw in float down the river. I thought they might dam up the river with all they put in there. Xander loved exploring, hearing all the fun sounds, and the the seemingly never ending supply of food. Japheth loved that last one too of course, and playing Chinese checkers (which he cheats at) and doing the puzzles. It's always relaxing and fun, and we loved seeing Aunt Kate, Uncle Ken and Grandpa Handley.

On shorter topics, Japheth is absolutely loving pre-school.  Xander is definitely a little man instead of a baby, though he's gained the nick-name of "baby."  It's very sad when you realize one day that your baby isn't really a baby anymore, but he makes up for it by being the cutest thing ever!  Both boys keep learning things so fast it's amazing.  I am very blessed to be surrounded by 3 very cute, smart and good boys!  We are all excited for the holiday season to start.  We are ready for the first, and my favorite, Halloween, but can't wait for it all.  January will be a lonely month when all the holidays are through.  But I'm sure it will also be the start of another fun and exciting year!